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Blog #14 Water Pollution & Solid and Hazardous Waste

Water pollution defined by the text as any change in water quality that can harm living organisms or make the water unfit for human uses such as irrigation and recreation. Water pollution usually involves contamination by one or more chemicals or excessive heat. This pollution comes from either a single source or point or from […]

Practicum Essay Blog

When I found out that we were required to do a practicum I was really concerned with how I would manage my time and if I would enjoy doing more “work” on top of my alright very dense schedule. However, I am exceedingly glad that I had this push to start working with a sustainable […]

Blog #13 Climate Change and Ozone Depletion and Ethical, Political & Communications/Media Dimensions of Climate Change

Climate Change and Ozone Depletion Climate is not weather. Climate is determined by the average weather conditions of the earth or of a particular area, especially temperature and precipitation, over  a long period of time ranging from decades  and centuries to thousands of years. Past temperature changes are estimated through analysis of a number of […]

Blog #12 Environmental Hazards and Human Health & Air Pollution

Environmental Hazards and Human Health This chapter begins by states that we need to consider what risks we take and how serious those risks are and do the benefits of a certain activity outweigh risks? Infectious diseases are caused by a pathogen invading the body and multiplies in its cells and tissue. We face the […]

Blog #11 Nonrenewable Energy & Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Nonrenewable Energy The text starts our sections on energy by defining the laws of thermodynamics. The first law being that it takes high-quality energy to get high-quality energy. The second law of thermodynamics is when high-quality energy is used in each step is automatically wasted and degraded to lower-quality energy. These two laws of thermodynamics […]

Blog #10 Water Resources and Geology & Nonrenewable Mineral

Water Resources Water is an extraordinary life sustaining chemical needed to keep us and most other life forms alive. Though we can survive a several weeks without food, we can only survive a merely few days without consuming water. Additionally, we are mostly made of water, and so is our planet. Thus, water is definitely […]

Blog #8 Aquatic Biodiversity & Food, Soil & Pest Management

Sustaining Aquatic Biodiversity What Are the Major Threats to Aquatic Biodiversity? Our earth is mainly made of water, however we know very little about it. For instance, we have only explored about 5% of the earth’s oceans and it is estimated by Chris Bowler, a marine biologist, that only 1% of the aquatic life forms […]